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"Thinking is the worst." 

After serving in the army for eight years, CPT. Colin Tilton, moved to Athens, Ohio, to serve as an instructor in Ohio University's ROTC program, leaving behind his wife and dog. Tilton is working toward his MBA while his wife is working on her law degree in Eugene, Oregon. The two plan to meet in the middle when they are both finished. Tilton holds onto his family through his dog, Cora. But both him and Cora feel the effects of leaving home, "Yeah she has been really depressed recently but other dogs seem to be cheering her up, so I need to find a dog park to take her to," Tilton says while petting Core before their daily walk. 

Tilton keeps himself busy most days with homework, working out, teaching classes and leading ROTC drills but that does not stop the unwanted thoughts. "I try to keep myself busy because then I don't have to think. Thinking is the worst." Tilton says while walking Cora, a great way for him to relax. He will also play video games and drink a beer as a way to destress after a long day. His current game is Fortnite. Tilton has trouble relaxing in a traditional sense because, he says, that is when the bad thoughts happen. But, still, Cora remains his biggest supporter and stress relief, "she reminds me of my wife and other dog back home." 

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