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RL Ranch

RL Valley Ranch, owned by Rob and Leah Phillips, is a family run ranch that provides beef for many local restaurants. They raise top performance horse prospects for cow working events including cutting, reined cow horse, team penning, ranch sorting, ranch versatility, and all around ranch horses and also offer a few select top quality ranch and performance geldings for sale. The 450 acres have been in the Phillips family since 1926 — Rob and Leah being the fourth generation to own the farm. Between hard work, raising three young girls, and family dinners every night, the Phillips stay busy. Rob works with the cattle and in the fields — tending to the wheat and corn that they grow. Leah has started a side business of raising and training mini Australian shepherds as well as horse training for others.


Work is not everything that the Phillips family is about. The bond of family is very important. Rooted in old farm traditions, Rob’s mother cooks dinner for the family every night.  Whether it is a homemade chicken noddle soup or a meal made from food raised right in their own backyard, the family tries to sit down and eat together. It is more than just farm work for the Phillips, it is about family.

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