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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, where my photojournalism career started. After sneaking a camera into a concert in Indianapolis, I realized it was what I wanted to do and began the four year visual communications track at Ohio University. I have served as Director of Photography for The Post Athens as well as a Communication and Photography Intern at the Cincinnati Reds where I was hit with not one but two baseballs at top speeds. I didn't even get to keep the balls. Currently, I serve as a video and digital media intern with the Richmond Kickers. 

I have a passion for storytelling, through any medium such as photography and videography and believe in telling authentic stories that reflect the subject in the best light. 

In May 2021, I received a bachelors of Science in Visual Communication at Ohio University as well as a certificate in social media and a minor in marketing. Currently, a self motivated and passionate photographer who seeks professional position involving photography, videography and social media marketing that utilizes experience gained through internships, education and employment opportunities.


Phone: 513.687.1816

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